In accordance with the ByLaw change passed in July 2018, a bondholder must attend 2 Board meetings in a fiscal year (November 1 through October 31) to be eligible for nomination to a Director’s position in the subsequent fiscal year.  Bondholders who attended 2 Board meetings in the 2021 fiscal year will be eligible to run for a position on the Board in 2022.

Officers Elected Representatives
President Toni Ann Klimowicz
Vice President Administration Carolyn Newmiller
Vice President Finance Colleen Fiabane
Vice President Operations Cindy Gallone
Treasurer Kathy Ricchezza
Secretary Sarah Zielke

Standing Committees Appointed Chair(s)
Activities/Fundraising Sarah Zielke & Gabrielle Rubery
Administration Carolyn Newmiller
Bond & Membership Rita Gock & Gabrielle Rubery
ByLaws Carolyn Newmiller
Finance Colleen Fiabane
Human Resources Diana Stewart
Nominations Carolyn Newmiller
Operations Cindy Gallone
Snack Bar Cindy Gallone
Swim Team Colleen Fiabane