Our Swim Club is a community club owned by its members.

From available sources, the Aquatic Club as we know it today was called The Morton Pool as long as sixty years ago. Started as a mud-bottom, spring-fed swimming hole for a few private citizens, it eventually became owned by a gentleman named Rodeo Earl Smith who held horse shows on the ground adjacent to the swimming hole. He in turn sold it to Dominic Capriotti. During his ownership, he cemented the bottom, improved the piping leading to the spring, added cement walks around the swimming area, and built the present pavilion building.

When he failed to open the pool in the later years of his life, a group from Ridley Township asked Mr. Capriotti to lease the pool to them, with Mr. Capriotti serving as president of the group. Some of the people involved in the group were Al DelFerro, Gail Frampton, Jack McCann, Tom Moore, Pete OKeefe, Vince Pronesti, Frank Rummel, Jim Shubert, Gail Swain, Kay Twesten, George Umstead, Ernie Wells and Lee Zwiebel.

This group leased the pool from Mr. Capriotti for the 1971 and 1972 seasons, and when he died in 1972, the group entered into negotiations with his estate to purchase the property. A membership bond issue was inaugurated and, with the assistance of a commercial loan, the purchase was completed in 1974.

In 1979, significant concrete improvements were undertaken to widen and refurbish the decks on three sides of the pool; to add attractive masonry walls to support fencing and to place underground the piping from the spring pump, which piping had theretofore fed water into the pool over external falls.

In 1986, the clapboard gatehouse & Snack Bar was replaced by a cinderblock structure to house a three phase electrical system, Board of Directors office, Managers office and Lifeguard/First Aid Station. The Snack Bar was relocated to the pavilion building.

In 1990, the Club upgraded its filter system, replaced the diving board and slides, designed piers for the pool to accommodate a League Swim Team, installed a hydraulic chair lift for our handicapped members and expanded the Snack Bar.

During the past few years, the surface of the pool’s wading area was replaced (c. 1995), the pavilion roof was re-shingled (c. 1996) and the Club replaced the circulation pumps as well as installed a fill line from the well to the filter system (c. 1997).

In 2009, the Club undertook a major renovation project of the step area in the “horseshoe” end of the pool’s grounds. The existing steps were removed and a wall with masonry matching that of the rest of the pool was installed. Concrete work was also completed at the same time adding a “party patio” in the grove and eliminating a swampy area outside the snack bar.

We trust you will enjoy the facilities being constantly updated for your relaxation and pleasure during the summer.