I/We attest that the membership and account data provided is accurate and correct.  I/We agree that only members of household are included in our membership in accordance with the By-Laws and Rules & Regulations.  I/We understand we have the option to add up to two (2) non-resident members to our Account for an additional fee.

I/We, intending to be legally bound, agree to pay all membership and related fees to the Aquatic Club for the 2022 Season.  I/We also understand the payment is not refundable and that failure to remit payment in full may result in the forfeiture of our membership.

I/We also agree to abide by the By-Laws and Rules & Regulations, as now written or any time revised, and understand repeated disregard for the Rules & Regulations by anyone on our membership may result, at the sole discretion of the Board or Management, in the temporary or permanent suspension of our membership privileges for the current season.