Toni Ann Klimowicz


Rita Gock


Bond/Membership & Swim Team Committee Co-Chair

Kathy Ricchezza


Treasurer & Ways & Means Co-Chair

Gina Donovan

Vice President, Administration

Pete Sacco


ByLaws, Nomination & Long-Range Planning Committee Chair

Marie Govannicci

Secretary & Swim Team Committee Co-Chair

Cindy Gallone

Vice President, Operations

Cindi Anderson


Snack Bar & Ways/Means Committee Chair

Diana Stewart

Human Resources Chair & Bond & Membership Co-Chair

Christine McMenamin

Vice President,  Finance

Dawn Rossano


Activities Committee Chair

In accordance with the ByLaw change passed in July 2014, a bondholder must attend 2 Board meetings in a fiscal year (November 1 through October 31) to be eligible for nomination to a Director's position in the subsequent fiscal year.  Bondholders who attend 2 Board meetings in the 2018 fiscal year will be eligible to run for a position on the Board in 2018.